Construction : the insurance in case of delay of delivery

When individuals make use of a artisan or a company to perform work or construction of real property, the law protects them automatically. It requires professionals to adhere scrupulously to the terms of the contract, and the delivery time.

The delivery time

This is the date on which the trader undertakes to finish all the work on the house. This period must be mentioned in the contract. If over the days, the professional finds that it will not deliver on time the property due to reasons beyond his control, it must warn the client. The two parties shall then agree upon a new date that the professional must respect.

Delay of delivery with or without deferral date

That the professional has asked for a postponement of the delivery date or not, it must comply with the period provided by the contract. If, despite this, the real estate project has experienced a delay of more than 30 days, the customer must give notice. To do this, he must send him a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt for the summon to finish the work within a reasonable time. If the professional continues to be deaf to his calls, the customer may request a refund of their deposit and refuse to pay the bill.

The guarantee of delivery as insurance

In order to protect the consumer, the consumer Code also requires the professional to subscribe a guarantee of delivery. It is a professional liability insurance mandatory, which guarantees to the customer that the property will be delivered on time. The builder must contact a licensed insurance company to subscribe to this formula. Thus, in case of delay of delivery of more than 30 days, it is the company that will ensure that work is completed.

This warranty must be mentioned on the construction contract.