Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents

Insurance : an increase planned for 2017 ?

Each year, insurers have used to revise their tariffs in the beginning of the year. This time, they have not waited for the 1st of January to perform this task since even if there is still nothing official, rumors of a rise in 2017 seem to be confirmed. Auto insurance Car insurance is the first […]

What kind of insurance for the condominium ?

The regulations of co-ownership require the trustee to purchase insurance to protect the building from damage that may occur. It also covers the civil liability of the condominium. A better understanding of the concept of co-ownership The condominium refers to a property belonging to several persons. It is divided into two major categories : common […]

All about death insurance

More and more people now subscribe to a life insurance. What it is he really and what is it that makes it different from life insurance ? The mode of operation By purchasing insurance, the insured would have to pay on a regular basis, a certain amount of money. According to the companies, the payment […]

Colocation : what happens to the home insurance ?

Even when you live in a shared flat, home insurance is mandatory. This plan covers the damages caused by water damage, a fire, an explosion or even a terrorist attack. Each roommate must sign a contract in his name or is there a single contract in the name of all the co-tenants ? What the […]