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Chicagoland’s Chatham Insurance Services Acquired by DOXA

Chatham Insurance Services Inc. (Chatham), a provider of errors and omissions insurance to the managed care industry, has been acquired by DOXA Insurance Holdings LLC (DOXA).

Chatham will continue its operations under the leadership of Jeff Stetson and his staff, retain the Chatham name, and remain headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Chatham began operations in 2002 by Jeff Stetson and Jim Cannella, experts in underwriting in the managed care industry since 1987. The firm is an independent underwriter solely focused on management liability insurance and managed care coverage across the U.S.

Chatham targets all sizes of publicly and privately held companies as well as nonprofit organizations in need of managed care insurance services.

DOXA Insurance Holdings is a Midwest-domiciled private equity fund that acquires small to medium managing general agents (MGAs).

Source: DOXA Insurance Holdings

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